Volunteer testers needed - SDK 3.0 Documentation

Hi all,

As we near release of the new SDKs for the 3.0 API (currently in βετα), the Docs team are busy writing HOWTO and concept docs to get people up and running with the new client interface.
It would be great to have some Couchbase users run through some UX (usability) tests on these new docs, to let us know what’s good, and what’s not so good, so that we can improve things before the release.

If you are available to run through four tasks which should take around 15 minutes or so each, please message me directly with your chosen SDK language(s) - note that C (libcouchbase) will not be part of these tests.
We’re looking for one, two, or three testers for each SDK, and will try and get back to you within a week or so to let you know if you have been chosen.

Tests will take place in the first half of December, some involving connecting and screen-sharing over Zoom
As a thank you, we have US$100.00 Amazon vouchers for all participants.
For anyone not chosen, who still wants to help with the SDK 3.0 docs, PRs [edit button - top right of any docs page], JIRA tickets [bottom left of each docs page], or feedback here on the Couchbase forums, or Gitter channel, are always welcome.

Many thanks,

  • Richard
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If you need some testing with objective-c, I will be available.

Thanks ironmikea,
But the 3.0 SDKs are the Couchbase Server ones - https://docs.couchbase.com/dotnet-sdk/3.0/hello-world/start-using-sdk.html - not Couchbase Mobile.
However, I’ll ask someone on the mobile team to take note, as they may need UX testing themselves sometime. :+1:

If you need someone for nodeJs let me know…

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Thanks Alex, I’ll be in touch. :+1:

I can help with java.

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Thanks, Himanshu - that’s great to hear.
I’ll be in touch shortly.

I can help with Python documentation.

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I can test the Golang SDK if needed.

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Hi Johnny,
That would be a huge help - thanks!
I’ll be in touch in a few days’ time.

Thanks Lucas, help with testing the new Go docs would be great.
I’ll be in touch shortly.

thanks for help guys

I’ve some experience with Node.JS SDK, could help with it.

Awesome - thanks Paolo, I’ll DM you to follow up.

I would like to participate by testing the PHP version https://docs.couchbase.com/php-sdk/3.0/hello-world/start-using-sdk.html

Hi Luis,
Thanks - a PHP tester will be most welcome!
I’ll DM you with some details.


I can help with Java.

That’s great news, Abdul, thanks - I’ll DM you some details.