Views Replication


We are developing a Xamarin application where our remote database is a CouchDB server. We use Couchbase-Lite for replicating that remote database. We’ve noticed that couchbase does not replicate the views created on the design document of CouchDB.

Is it the normal behaviour? Is it possible to do it? Otherwise, being forced to creating/updating views on both sides (client and server) is quite error-prone…

What do you mean by the “views created on”? The map function body of the design document? There is nowhere in the code base that stops design documents from being replicated. If you are referring to the native indices that get generated when querying them, then no those do not get replicated.

Hi borrden,

Yes I meant “the map functions”. Currently, on our code, we have all the MapReduce functions duplicated in our code and CouchDB.

So when you create a design document on the Couchbase Lite side of things, nothing gets pushed to CouchDB? Are there any errors on either side? As I mentioned there is nothing in the code base that prohibits this transfer so it shouldn’t be treated differently than any other document.