View with reduce always return reduce value though the reduce property is set to false

When the view contains Reduce function, and the reduce property is set to false in query filter, couchbase always returns only the first record. Since reduce=false is set, expecting it to return all record in the view.

Testing with ReactNative and react-native-couchbase-lite

_id: 1,
year: 2017,
month: 11,
price: 100,

_id: 2,
year: 2017,
month: 12,
price: 80,


View (Map and Reduce):
map:function (doc) {
emit([year, month], {price});
reduce: function (keys, values, rereduce) {
var result = values[0];
for(var i=0; i< values.length; i++){ += parseFloat(values[i].price);
return result;

db: ‘db_name’,
ddoc: ‘doc_name’,
view: ‘view_name’,
include_docs: false,

Output: (Though view contains 2 records, it displays record as below. It shows it returns reduce (reduce:true) value. Looks ‘reduce’ parameter not obeys)

Expected Output: (Since reduce is set to false, all records in view should returned). Does it is possible to achieve in CouchbaseLite?
Following is the output that returned by the view without reduce function and expecting the same when reduce is set to false.
[{“doc”:null,“id”:1,“key”:[“2017”,“11”],“value”:{“price”:100}}, {“doc”:null,“id”:2,“key”:[“2017”,“12”],“value”:{“price”:80}}]

What OS? What version of Couchbase Lite?

react-native-couchbase-lite plugin supports Couchbase Lite V 1.3 and testing the issue in Android.

Below is the query I used,

	db: ‘db_name’,
	ddoc: ‘doc_name’,
	view: ‘view_name’,
	include_docs: false,
}).then(res => {
    this.setState({values: res});

Please file an issue against couchbase/couchbase-lite-java-core on Github.

Thank you @jens. I have raised ticket in Github,

@hideki, can you please let me know does it is a bug or can we handle by any configuration?

We will try to fix this issue by next 1.x release.