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and this is of course in a scenario where there is a decent % writes

In my use of CouchDB and Couchbase (2.0) i find myself sometimes having to write cron jobs or something that will automatically ping a view to keep it updated, so that I can get up2date view data without waiting too long, without requesting stale results etc.

I feel your pain as far as wanting the newest result from my views. I would recommend that you don’t do the cron method due to having to compact your Views more often.

The solution that I have found was the use of Elasticsearch with Couchbase. I would Highly recommend this approach. You can check out how to get started with

The official download location for the plugin never worked for me. So I just got the one from github.

bin/plugin -install transport-couchbase -url

Also the documentation also says it only supports up to Elasticsearch 20.0 , but I got 20.6 working fine.