Very poor performance on a simple structure

I have got a database with 50 millions of documents, they are similar to:

  "type": "s",
  "uid": 1,
  "time": 1575168010,
  "hash": "eb5438b8c884fafed6777a66bd2124bedc879d2df194d453fcb910443433b912",
  "value": 854.3038

RAM USED 6 GB, Disk Used 12 GB.

The following query takes 90 seconds:

CREATE INDEX `adv_time_value_type` ON `bucket`(`time`,`value`) WHERE (`type` = "s")
SELECT SUM(value) / COUNT(value) FROM `bucket` WHERE type == "s" AND time > 0

-- PLAN: Index scan - PROJECT.

I have tested on Postgresql on the same machine. It takes 3 seconds on the same number of rows. Without any index.

Maybe I am missing something, it’s 30x slower on a literally simple structure and simple query.

With EE version use the following two features

Nah, I uninstalled that snake oil. It was a waste of time many years ago it’s still the same.