Vertx and couchbase computation thread


I want to offload the work after couchbase get call to vertx eventloop. The usage of observeon is taking time in certain cases. Is there any way I can configure vertx event loop rather than using couchbase computation thread while setting up the environment or in the get call.

I am using java 8 and couchbase Java SDK 2.7.18


Hi Himanshu,

I think it may be possible to share an event loop group between Vert.x and Netty, but doing this with the Couchbase Java SDK is probably not straightforward.

You can configure the SDK’s netty event loop groups via the ClusterEnvironment.Builder.ioEnvironment builder. However… the SDK uses a repacked version of Netty, so you’d need to adapt the standard Vert.x+Netty sharing solutions to use instead of the standard


I think it will stick to one event loop and it will not schedule it back on the same request event loop. I am just guessing without implementation.