UUID field how to compare

I am building a product which consists of two document. The first documents key is a Java UUID. Which is stored as a “kind of foreign key” in the second document. How do I write compare statement for the foreign key.

I am trying to do something like below.

    @Query("#{#n1ql.selectEntity} WHERE tId.eq($1) AND name == $2")

I am using CrudRepository. The error that I see in the log is as below.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported type for JsonArray: class java.util.UUID

What is the right way to compare UUIDs in n1ql.

As far as N1QL UUID is string you should be able to compare. cc @subhashni

Yes, that’s the workaround I am working with. But ideally I would like to keep the datatype as UUID. Is there any way to do that?

Document key must be string and there is no data type called UUID in JSON. In N1QL UUID() function returns as string.

Hi @vinay,

This can be done by using a custom converter for UUID to String with the fix DATACOUCH-384 which will be available in the next service release, until then the work around is to convert the UUIDs to string.