Using Store with timout for locking has some issues


I am using couchbase .Net sdk 1.3.3.

As part of my lock mechanism i have this line of code:
CacheClient.Store(StoreMode.Add, _writerLockName, “1”, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10))

If it fails it means that my writelock is in use.
If it succeed , there is no lock and i can continue working.

The problem is that the TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10) that suppose to be the time that this key will be removed from cache is not working as expected.
It suppose to cover scenarios when someone locked the write mode and it is more than 10 seconds in cache.

Do you have a known bug on this issue?
It makes it very hard for me to finish the lock mechanism without this ability to avoid deadlocks.

Hi Chenos -

Does this sound like the issue: ?

If so, this should be resolved in the next 1.X release.