Using LiteCore in Qt

i build LiteCore in my ubuntu successfully.
in my .pro file in Qt i add these lines:

  1. add
  2. add libLiteCoreStatic.a
    3 add couchbase-lite-core/C/include

now qt has litecore headers but it can’t compile this project.
please help me.

example error:
/home/ali/couchbase-lite-core/C/include/c4Base.h:245: error: expected function body after function declarator
bool c4SliceEqual(C4Slice a, C4Slice b) C4API;

Qt is really weird so I have no idea what it might be doing but for one thing you only need OR libLiteCoreStatic.a not both. The rest just sounds like the compiler Qt is using is too old and doesn’t understand c++11 or something.