Using couchbase.lite in .NET Standard

I’m trying to use .NET Standard (V 1.4 + last library version) so I can share code with different platforms.
I see that after adding the Nuget, VS can not add the using Couchbase.Lite; and I see red curly lines.
Anyone have an idea?

Nothing comes to mind. This is the way it is being used in the ToDo application (on the api-v2 branch) and the last time I checked it was fine.

Here is that bug :expressionless:
BTW, where is those ToDo samples with V2.0 APIs? I checked my fork and I saw no project under Samples/ToDo.WPF . There was some useless obj,bin folders.

WoW, The problem seems to be solved. Couchbase.Lite does not work with .NET standard 1.4 :expressionless:

Just change the reference from b0125 to db011 or something. The API is out of date and I need to bring it back up to date so that it compiles again, but Couchbase.Lite resolves fine (check Training.Core).

I couldn’t compile the ToDo project. Even I couldn’t change the reference.
Please make the APIs up to date and give a way to change the nuget easily.

Ok it is updated and all the projects build for me, here is the Core project building.

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