Using Couchbase as queues or topics

Are there any usages or use cases of Couchbase buckets as queues or topics like Kafka ?

Hi Webber,
This is a really broad question so hopefully you don’t mind a high level answer.

There is a Couchbase Kafka Connector that helps you use Kafka and Couchbase together. The two of them work well together but they don’t solve the same problems. Kafka is all about integrating data producers and data consumers, and Couchbase is used as both a consumer and a producer.
Here’s a good talk to get started on this by Ewen Cheslack-Postava of Confluent and David Maier of Couchbase, and a nice sample use case by a partner, Avalon

Using buckets as queues directly really depends on what you have in mind - can you say a little more?


You can use Couchbase’s Sync Gateway as a replacement for Kafka.
Use Sync Gateway’s channels for data flow. It has built-in user authentication so that the right users see the right data stream. There is a global sequence number so you can read from any part of the channel feed. And all data is stored in Couchbase as JSON.

Good point, househippo. Sync gateway will give the OP a nice programming interface, too.

Hi WillGardella,

Thank you for your answer. Couchbase Kafka Connector is nice. I will take a look at API document and the movie.

Hi househippo,

This looks cool. How is the performance of sync gateway ?

Hi WillGardella,

I will run examples in the github.

Thanks !