Users report that CBL 1.3.0 slows Android app dramatically

Users reported that CBL 1.3.0 slows Android app dramatically 2, 3 weeks after the update with CBL 1.3.0 was released. I then sent 1 user the same build but only changed the dependency to CBL 1.2.1. The user said that the app is fast again.
Then I sent other users the same build with CBL 1.3.0 from 3 weeks ago to get their feedback and check if the first user just thought it’s faster because it’s fresh and new. But the users with CBL 1.3.0 reported that it’s still slow. I then sent them the same build from 3 weeks ago and only changed the dependency to 1.2.1. They all say it’s fast again.

I cannot reproduce the issue and don’t have any logs to backup my argument that something must be wrong with CBL 1.3.0, and I don’t have access to users devices. Any thoughts on what to do? Does anyone else experience similar issues?

The experienced “slowness” is when a document is updated. Also database compaction is run regularly, so this is not the issue.

Closing this thread. I have collected statistics in this forum post