Users and all indexes not moved with cbbackup

Trying to move Couchbase server to new IP address. Used cbbackup to save from Couchbase 5.1 and cbrestore to update empty cluster on Couchbase 6.0, but all indexes and users are not in the new cluster. Both instances have one node each. Is this a limitation?
Backed up using: cbbackup source_ip folder -u -p
Restored using: cbrestore folder dest_ip -b -u -p

Hi @wanda_a,

When you said cbrestore to update empty cluster, did you create the corresponding buckets? What errors did you see on console.

With respect to index, cbrestore will restore the index metadata. Please check the indexer.log file for any possible errors in restoring index metadata.

cc @pvarley

i created the corresponding buckets. and the terminal output showed complete positive results. i am unable to find the indexer.log file even after a search using “find / indexer.log” command. could you please tell me where it is?

Hi @wanda_a,

You should find the indexer.log file in /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs/ in linux environment. By the way, you can check if the indexing service is enabled in your cluster, and if indexer process is also running.

Also, please check if index metadata was backed up during backup. For this you can check the gsi.json file located inside your backup folder.

Also, please check backup / restore logs located inside backup folder.