User Defined Functions in Couchbase

In Oracle/SQL we have provision to write user defined functions where we can write complex logic to computer some values and then return back in query.

While migrating from Oracle/SQL to Couchbase how to handle that complex logic that is written in Oracle’s user defined functions. So I am confused how to move that entire logic into Couchbase. I have a little idea about eventing functions but that is for eventing purpose only I guess.

If I am not wrong functions are part of 6.5 Beta release. What about Couchbase 6.0 or lower?

functions are developer preview in 6.5
If you are looking earlier releases checkout Eventing options. cc @marcog, @jon.strabala

Thanks @vsr1 for replying. So does eventing option fulfil the same purpose as user defined functions?

That depends on the use case and what eventing has . As far as N1QL UDFs are Developer Preview only in 6.50