User authentication itermittent problem

Hi All,
We are using a .net core 6 with latest sdk against a cb server 7

We’re using the di to get bucket and collection access in our repository classes.

Our client configure the authentication with active directory. The app uses a user ccount that belong to an ad group that is configured in cb server on the bucket.

We get intermittent issue in our application saying that the user has not access to the bucket.

The ad server is always contacted by cb server or the ad permission is cached? Do you tetain our client can find any clue about this in cb server log?



@Dario_Mazza -

There really isn’t enough detail to come to any conclusion regarding the situation you are running into. If you enable logging on the SDK side, that may help.

It’s important to verify that the AD authentication is correctly configured on both the client and Couchbase Server. Ensure that the user account used by your application is part of the AD group that has been granted access to the Couchbase bucket. When using AD authentication, authentication tokens may be cached to improve performance. Couchbase Server might cache tokens as well. However, intermittent access issues are less likely to be related to caching.

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