Updating N1QL Indexes in HA

I want to know the best way to update an index in HA.

For example.
2 - N1QL servers

  • Both server have the same index but with different index names

    On Server 1 - CREATE INDEX by_type01 ON test(type) WHERE (type` is valued)

    On Server 2 - CREATE INDEX by_type02 ON test(type) WHERE (type` is valued)

After in production, I need to add a new attribute to the indexes
CREATE INDEX by_type01 ON test(type,name) WHERE (type is valued)

Should we remove the index on server 1 and rebuild the new index on server 1, then go to the next server?
Or version off the new indexes such as by_type01_ver1, and once the new indexes are rebuilt delete the old indexes?

First create new indexes and then drop old once afterwords so that you will not have down time.