Updating blob is not including metadata

I’m trying to Update a specific document with attachment, but the blob attached remains the same after update. I already pull the specific document and update it using MutableDocument mutableDocument = database.getDocument(data.get("docId").toString()).toMutable(); then set the new blob mutableDocument.setBlob("profilePic", (Blob) data.get("profilePic"));. Finally using the replicator I pushed it in the server.

Here’s some snap. The old images is still the one loaded even after update.

Hi @newbee,

Can you detail which versions/platforms of Couchbase Lite and Sync Gateway you are using?
Could you also provide your Sync Gateway config? Be sure to remove passwords, etc. from it before posting.

Couchbase: 6.0.0
Sync Gateway: 2.5.1
Couchbase Lite: 2.5

Here’s my SG config:

Hi, any news about this problem?
I am in the same situation…

Couchbase Server 6.5
Couchbase Lite Android 2.7.0
Sync Gateway 2.7.2

Hi, sorry for the late reply. We’ve filed a bug here and will attempt to reproduce:

OK, thanks
In the meantime I decided to create a specific document for each image and delete it and create a new one when the image is updated
It’s heavier but at least it works …