Update specific object in the array of object without array_replace

I have following doc with doc key cart::16

  "_type": "NSCart",
  "_metadata": {
    "created_at": 1473075845614,
    "updated_at": null
  "_id": "f28bc609-6aba-47e5-8e83-5bee2397566f",
  "userId": "B1HvmsLj57c9235c",
  "items" : [{
      "itemId": "N1d55j8m4xr",
      "seller": "ByD9T4Ks57cbbd8e",
      "license": null,
      "basePrice": 0
      "itemId": "L9nd6Dswl4v",
      "seller": "ByD9T4Ks57cbbd8e",
      "license": E122,
      "basePrice": 500,
      "eCharge": 10,
      "total": 510


now i want to update a doc where item id is N1d55j8m4xr like this and doc is not predictable so i can not use array_replace for this so is this possible with one n1ql query otherwise i have to do it with serverside or with 2 query
“itemId”: “N1d55j8m4xr”,
“seller”: “ByD9T4Ks57cbbd8e”,
“license”: null,
“basePrice”: 590,
“eCharge”: 18,
“total”: 608

@geraldss is there any way to update by nickel or node sdk

Yes, you can do it in N1QL.

You need to look up the UPDATE documentation. You will find the following syntax:


Experiment with that.