Unstructured data in Spring document

I have a document that consists of some metadata of known structure (time created, name, ID etc) plus some property that contains JSON data of unknown structure. I’ve modeled this in my Spring document using the JsonNode type for the latter property, but the data written to Couchbase appears to be a JSON representation of the Java JsonNode object (e.g. it has _class, _nodeFactory properties etc) as opposed to the JSON object that the node represents. Is there a way to have the JsonNode property be serialized as JSON when it’s written to the database?

@mreiche can you please assist ?

I believe a JsonObject would be serialized/deserialized as expected, but I haven’t tried it. If that doesn’t work, you could add a custom converter.
The next thing that comes to mind is putting the toString() of your JsonNode into a string, and doing the reverse on reads.

  • Mike

Thanks for assisting. I also have the same problems with my project.

Typing the attribute as Object and converting back and forth using com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper works OK and the data is stored as JSON (as opposed to a string) in the database.

Spoke too soon–I’m now seeing this issue.