Unresolved class name in minification documentation

CBL 2.8

Documentation is here and here:

-keep class com.couchbase.lite.ConnectionStatus { <init>(...); }
-keep class com.couchbase.lite.LiteCoreException { static <methods>; }
-keep class com.couchbase.lite.internal.core.C4* {
    static <methods>;

ConnectionStatus cannot be resolved. The only reference I found in code was in file \couchbase-lite-java-ce-root\common\common\main\cpp\native_c4listener.cc

// Utility methods

static bool initListenerCallbacks(JNIEnv *env) {
        jclass localClass = env->FindClass("com/couchbase/lite/ConnectionStatus");
        if (!localClass)
            return false;

I was unable to find a ConnectionStatus file after going through all the different com/couchbase/lite directories.

Is this essentially dead code in the cpp file? And was the ConnectionStatus file renamed? What file should be kept for Proguard?

@benjamin_glatzeder : why are you trying to resolve it? That class is part of the Enterprise Edition of Couchbase Lite. It is not in the Community Edition. I wouldn’t think that having it in the keep list would cause any problem. Removing it, in the CE edition, shouldn’t hurt anything, either.

@blake.meike Thanks for the info. The line didn’t cause any problems when building a release candidate. Just wanted to make sure I’m not missing any important code bits. Since Android Studio shows a red mark when viewing the proguard file, I’ll comment the line out and add a comment. All good. Thanks again!