Unable to select multiple buckets to backup using cbbackupmgr in v7.0.3

Hi all,
We have recently upgraded from Couchbase Server v6.6.5 to v7.0.3.

We backup out clusters on a separate server (not running Couchbase Server) using cbbackupmgr.

In v6.6.5 the user that connected was given the role data_backup for each bucket to backup. As it didn’t have access to other buckets, they were not backed up.
This is important as we have ephemeral buckets which must not be backed up for compliance reasons.

When we upgraded to v7.0.3 the backups failed as the user was not in the backup_admin role. When we added the user to this role it backed up all buckets, ignoring data_backup[‘bucket’] role. The backup_admin role can’t be assigned to a bucket.

How do we backup a selection of buckets in v7?
Note, we don’t want to have a separate backups per bucket.


Hi @michael2,

I am not sure if I understand the question completely, especially about the roles.

If you are looking to backup selected buckets, you can do it in similar lines to the example in our cbbackupmgr tutorial.

The steps in brief:

  1. Create a backup repository specifying the buckets/collections you want to backup. You can specify multiple buckets by separating them using commas.
    $ cbbackupmgr config -a /data/backup -r single --include-data travel-sample,beer-sample

  2. Perform backup using the created repository.
    $cbbackupmgr backup -a /data/backup -r single -c couchbase:// -u Administrator -p password

This is one of the ways you can backup specified buckets.

Let us know if you are looking for a different solution.

Found this option yesterday. Fixed now.