Unable to replicate iOS SQL error: unable to open database file

Hello. I’m currently using CBL 1.3.1 for iOS.

Fetching a database named pa_test using manager.databaseNamed() results in the following generic error:

Unable to open database file

The database has definitely been created before, so based on the documentation for databaseNamed(), I can assume this is only on subsequent calls to open the database. I cannot reliably reproduce this error in a controlled environment, however users can multiple times a day. Can I assume this has something to do with SQLite? Has anyone experienced this before, and, if so, what did you do to fix the issue?


What’s the error code? All of our errors have at least a numeric code (based on HTTP). Also, can you tell if anything’s been written to the console log?

We’re unsure of any error codes since we don’t have access to our users’ console logs.

Well, the error code is in the NSError returned from the API call.

I was just asking about console logs because there might be warning messages that could shed more light on the problem.

Oh gotcha. That would be error code 14.

14 isn’t one of our error codes. Might be from SQLite itself. Check sqlite3.h.