Unable to replicate channel other than "*"

I use the following:

    "log":["CRUD+", "REST+", "Changes+", "Attach+"],
    "databases": {
                 "sync":`function(doc) {
                access("nu", "nu");

to isolate the replication of channel “nu” for user named “nu”.
But i get:

MultiChangesFeed: channels expand to channels.TimedSet{"!":0x1, "vj":0x2a, "vj_alt":0x2b} ...   (to nu)      ...and so on

the user nu has the following config (registered with sync gateway):


What am i doing wrong?

I’m not entirely clear on what your issue is.

If all your users are seeing docs in all channels, try the following:

Disable the GUEST user:

"users": {
        "GUEST": {"disabled": true}

And make sure your client is connecting to port 4984 which will require them to authenticate.


Sorry if i’m not clear.
I added the “GUEST” line, but i still get:

006: GET /contacts/_changes?feed=websocket  (as nu)
2015-10-16T12:02:03.982+05:30 Changes: MultiChangesFeed({*}, {Since:0 Limit:0 Conflicts:true IncludeDocs:false Wait:true Continuous:true Terminator:0xc2081e8c00 HeartbeatMs:300000 TimeoutMs:0}) ...   (to nu)
2015-10-16T12:02:03.982+05:30 Changes+: MultiChangesFeed: channels expand to channels.TimedSet{"nu":0x2a, "nu_alt":0x2b, "!":0x1} ...   (to nu)
2015-10-16T12:02:03.983+05:30 Changes+: MultiChangesFeed sending &{Seq:43 ID:_user/nu Deleted:false Removed:{} Doc:map[] Changes:[] Err:<nil> branched:false}   (to nu)
2015-10-16T12:02:03.983+05:30 Changes+: MultiChangesFeed waiting...   (to nu)
2015-10-16T12:02:03.983+05:30 Changes+: Waiting for "_contacts"'s count to pass 0
2015-10-16T12:02:03.983+05:30 Changes: sending 1 change(s)