Unable to initialize cbauth

I have just updated from couchbase 4.0 community edition to 4.5 Enterprise edition. All of the buckets load without issue save for the bucket with a password. On start up of couchbase, these messages come in and seem to be preventing the bucket from being accessible through sync gateway and through the query service:
[Error] GetSettingsConfig() failed: Get CBAuth database is stale. Was never updated yet.
_level=ERROR _msg=Unable to initialize cbauth. Error CBAuth database is stale. Was never updated yet.

_level=WARN _msg=CbAuth not intialized

If I remove the password, then sync gateway and the query service are available, but this is not an acceptable solution when not in a development environment.
Is there any documentation on this CBAuth or some troubleshooting steps? I was unable to find any reference to this in the documentation.

In case someone comes across this issue, I had to reinstall completely and install again to get it to work. Maybe it was something with the upgrade from 4.1 Community to 4.5 Enterprise? I just took a backup, uninstalled, reinstalled, restored, and all is well.

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