Unable to create spark dataframe for nested Json array

I am having an Json array imported into a single document in a bucket and i am trying to create dataframe from spark connector.
“Name” :“Test”
“Name” :“Test”

I am using the code -

   val conf = new SparkConf()
      .set("spark.app.id", appName)
      .set("spark.scheduler.mode", "FAIR")
      .set("spark.couchbase.nodes", serverNameOrIP) // connect to Couchbase Server on localhost
      .set("spark.couchbase.username", username) // with given credentials
      .set("spark.couchbase.password", password)
      conf.set("spark.couchbase.bucket." + bucket, "")
    val spark = SparkSession.builder().config(conf).getOrCreate()
    println("Default parallelism: " + spark.sparkContext.defaultParallelism)
    //save stats
 val sql = spark.sqlContext
    import com.couchbase.spark.sql._
    val bucket = bucketName
    println("----Executing task on couchbase bucket--" + coll)
    val dataFrame = sql.read.option("bucket", bucket).couchbase()

The dataframe i am getting is given below and 123 is Document ID



| 123|


The schema is also not showing the elements and there are no array elements available in dataframe too