Unable to connect after upgrading CouchbaseNetClient from v2.x to v3.1.7

I have upgraded CouchbaseNetClient from v2.x to the v3.1.7(latest) and of course the upgrade requires code changes.
Cluster connection now looks like:
var cluster = await Cluster.ConnectAsync("http://xyz.linux.us.xyz100.com:8091", "MyUserName", "MyPassword");
When I run this code in Visual Studio 2019, this line just keeps running and never finishes, i.e, it never establishes connection. When using CouchbaseNetClient v2.x with the same Address/password/username, everything works fine.

Our current dB version is: Enterprise Edition 6.5.1 build 6312 ‧ IPv4
Thank you !

Try using the modern connection string syntax couchbase://xyz.linux.us.xyz100.com. That will try to bootstrap using GCCCP on port 11210, which is usually the better approach.