Ubuntu 20.04 missing v7.0.0 now


I’m new to couchbase and I came across it trying to help a friend on a project. We are looking to move the server to another cloud provider and as a test I created a local Ubuntu 20.04 server to try it.

I was able to successfully install couchbase 7.0.0-5302-1 in my test box using this guide Install Couchbase Server on Ubuntu and Debian | Couchbase Docs. But now that I started the process on the production box I can’t no longer install the version mentioned above.

Also now on my test box if I search with apt I cannot find the version.

If anyone can help me understand what is going on I would really appreciated it.

Thank you in advance,
Antonis Galanis

@a.galanis You should be able to get v7.0.2. There were issues with 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 on Ubuntu. MB-48783

Thank you for your response @mreiche. Yes i can see the new version now.

Thanks for sharing. It will help me in the future.