Twitter's Digits authentication with CB Mobile

Has anyone tried using Digits for their CBLite mobile apps for authentication?Twitter’s Digits allows user authentication by using just a mobile number… I don’t have any idea about its implementation with couchbase mobile…Is there any step by step guide to do this???


You will need to use Sync Gateway’s Custom (Indirect) Authentication

You will need to introduce an app server that interacts with the Digits authentication flow and on successful authentication create a Sync Gateway user session via the ADMIn REST API. After scanning the Digit docs I think the integration point would be via Verify Digits User


Thanks for your help.

I’ve been thinking about this since I heard about Digits last week. An implementation of this would be super useful … hopefully someone can open-source it, or even integrate it into SG and submit a PR. (This would be a cool intro project for getting into SG. You can look at how it implements Persona auth and mostly just copy-and-paste that code.)