Turning on replicators during push notification

I’m trying to temporarily turn on replicators during a push notification. Inside

-(void)application:(UIApplication *)application didReceiveRemoteNotification:(NSDictionary *)notification fetchCompletionHandler:(void (^)(UIBackgroundFetchResult))completionHandler

I have tried this:

  CBLManager *manager = [CBLManager sharedInstance];
  for (NSString* name in [manager allDatabaseNames]) {
    CBLDatabase* db = [manager databaseNamed:name error:nil];
    NSArray* replications = [db allReplications];
    for(CBLReplication* rep in replications) {
      rep.suspended = false;

But the list of replications returned by CBLDatabase allReplications is empty. I do have 2 replication process running. Any idea how can I get access to them?

Just to be clear, you’re trying to turn replications on, so what do you mean when you say you have two running?

He’s started two replications, but they’ve been paused/suspended because the app is in the background. However, when the app receives a push notification telling it about new data on the server, he wants to un-suspend the replicators. Unfortunately there isn’t a REST API for that.

We’ve been discussing this on the Google group in a parallel thread he started there.