Trying to change epmd port

Hi, I want to setup a couchbase cluster across three ec2 instances. All the port are open inside the vpc, all three instances are in same vpc.

I want to change the epmd port for the couchbase servers from 4369 to something like 3020. I am able to run the epmd server on 3020 by setting ERL_EPMD_PORT=3020 and then starting the couchbase servers. But the couchbase master is looking for 4369 when trying to connect to slaves and it is failing with an error
Failed to reach erlang port mapper. Could not connect to \"xx.xx.xx.xx\" on port \"4369\".
This is perfectly valid because epmd is now running on port 3020. Now, how would I instruct the master to look for epmd on 3020? Any help is highly appreciated!

Why exactly are you trying to change the epmd port?

I had a quick look in the source and it looks like it’s hardcoded to 6369.

I am using docker containers to launch the cluster. So, I want to customize the epmd port to one that is available on my machine (or more like ports from 3000 to 3020 are for couchbase)

Do you have any suggestions?