Try-cb-nodejs example is not compiling anymore?


I can’t make the example to run.

cloning and run npm install gives:

error Failed at the couchbase@2.2.5 install script.

Update to the latest couchbase is not helping.
Also tired npm install node-gyp, nothing, same error.

I am with nodejs v9.11.2.



Hey @ady.shimony,

Would you be able to show us the install log for when you tried to install the SDK, it is likely that the install failed due to a build failure? I believe there may be an issue with Node.js v9 and Node.js v10 on some platforms, so you could try using Node.js v8. Alternatively, you may wish to simply try again today as we released the new version of our Node.js SDK (2.5.1) which may fix the build error you were likely receiving.

Cheers, Brett