Troubling bringing docker cluster back online after host restart

I’m having trouble trying to bring a cluster back online after restarting my machine. The cluster is made up of 3 docker containers nodes all hosted by my local machine. I set the couchbase service to not automatically failover nodes. After the restart, and starting up the docker containers, I’m no longer able to connect to the web ui. I’m very new to this so I’m probably overlooking something simple, but is there a best practice for setting this up for testing purposes ?

Hi crosan,
Thanks for using our products.
I have some questions about your docker cluster.
What Couchbase version and Operating System on docker container you are using?
In your Couchbase cluster, what are services you set up on each node?
I will try to reproduce your issue when I get those informations.
If you have any more question, drop me a line at thuan at couchbase dot com