Total data loss upgrading from 3.0 to 4.0-RC on MacOS X

I upgraded the couchbase server installation on my dev Mac from 3.0 to 4.0-RC and when I restarted found that while all the buckets were still there, they were all empty. No design documents, nothing…

This is only a development machine, so the loss of data is not catastrophic, but it doesn’t fill me with confidence for production use…

I don’t see anything in the logs indicating any issues other than this:

Unsuccessful goxdcr upgrade.

but this is a single node with no xdcr configured.

Any ideas on what went wrong?


Thank you for reporting this issue.

Can you please re-pro this scenario again, and collect logs using cbcollect_info?

Please provide a link to the logs after collection.

Don Pinto
Product Manager, Couchbase Server

I reproduced the problem, and have cbcollect_info zips from before and after the upgrade attempt.

At the moment I have no place to make them available to supply links to… I’ll have to discuss it with our dev-ops people on tuesday and see what I can arrange, unless you have an alternate means available to get you the dumps…

Appreciate your help to provide the logs.

Don Pinto
Product Manager, Couchbase Server


Just wanted to touch-base and check if you got a chance to upload the logs somewhere for us to take a look at?


My management weren’t comfortable with publishing them somewhere public, so they were passed on through another contact at couchbase to give to you…

Clearly that didn’t work as expected…

I will find out who they were sent via and see if we can get those to you…

Don, the logs were emailed to Will Conn, to pass on to you. You can see if he has them, or if that doesn’t work for you, I can email them directly to you… the before and after zips are 700K and 900K respectively…

Sounds good.

Can you please e-mail me the name of your company at don (at) couchbase (dot) com?