<<"timings">>} took too long


We have the following set-up:

4 node cluster
Version: 2.2.0 community edition (build-837-rel)
573GB of RAM allocated - 25GB in use
5.7TB of HDD space allocated - 28GB in use
500 ops per seconds across all 10 buckets on all 4 nodes
21 million items

We are seeing a huge amount of errors in the /opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/logs/errors log file, there are for all buckets and all, they are the following:

[ns_server:error,2014-09-12T9:30:15.133,ns_1@:<0.28315.0>:ns_memcached:verify_report_long_call:294]call {stats,<<“timings”>>} took too long: 595981 us
[ns_server:error,2014-09-12T9:30:15.326,ns_1@:<0.28331.0>:ns_memcached:verify_report_long_call:294]call {stats,<<>>} took too long: 3798173 us
[ns_server:error,2014-09-12T9:30:15.354,ns_1@:ns_memcached-main<0.28204.0>:ns_memcached:handle_info:671]handle_info(ensure_bucket,…) took too long: 1494303 us

We are seeing about 24500 a day, we see this amount of errors in the errors log file of each node.

[root@CB_Server logs]# grep -F “2014-09-11” error.2 | grep -c "took too long"

Please can someone let me know if they have seen this before and if this this something we should be worried about?