TimeoutException trying to open a Bucket after a InvalidPasswordException

I’m getting a TimeoutException when I try to open a bucket after another openBucket call failed with Invalid Password.

I’m using Java SDK 2.1.2, on a single noded cluster running Couchbase 3.0.3

Here’s some code snnipet that will simulate the error:

Bucket bucket;
CouchbaseCluster cluster = CouchbaseCluster.create();
try {
    bucket = cluster.openBucket("bucketName", "wrongPassword");
} catch (Exception e) {
bucket = cluster.openBucket("bucketName", "password");

It does have the same behavior if I try to open a different Bucket after the Invalid Password attempt.

Is it anything wrong on the way I’m handling this? or is it a bug on SDK?

if so, any workarounds?


I think this is a bug. Can you please open a ticket here: http://www.couchbase.com/issues/browse/JCBC ? We won’t be able to fix it for 2.1.3 which is due to next week, but it’s likely to get it into the next one.