Timeout while using cbbackupmgr on 6.6

Hello Team,

I have Couchbase 6.6, 2 node cluster and when i run cli backup on nfs mount point it is failing with timeout error and on resume it completes.

Following is the log line that i see during timout error in backup logs :

2021-08-17T14:11:30.333+05:30 (Plan) Successfully checked for data movement restrictions between travel-sample and travel-sample
2021-08-17T14:11:30.402+05:30 (Plan) Deciding which key value data to transfer for travel-sample
2021-08-17T14:11:30.404+05:30 (Rest) GET http://<ipaddress>:8091/pools/default/nodeServices 200
2021-08-17T14:11:38.105+05:30 (Stats) Stopping stat collection
2021-08-17T14:11:38.137+05:30 (Cmd) Error backing up cluster: failed to execute cluster operations: failed to execute bucket operations: failed to transfer bucket data for bucket 'travel-sample': failed to transfer data range: failed to determine which data to transfer for bucket 'travel-sample': failed to get gocbcore agent: agent failed to connect to the cluster: ambiguous timeout | {"InnerError":{"InnerError":{"InnerError":{},"Message":"ambiguous timeout"}},"OperationID":"CMD_HELLO","Opaque":"0x1","TimeObserved":6998560648,"RetryReasons":null,"RetryAttempts":0,"LastDispatchedTo":"<ipaddress>:11210","LastDispatchedFrom":"<ipaddress>:44564","LastConnectionID":"076bf5fe9d40fdd5/928c6b24cad89411"}

Can someone please help me here?

The error here is saying that opening a connection to the data service on tcp port 11210 timeouted. This is normally caused by an environmental setup. For example there is a firewall between the backup machine and the Data Service. Please verify that the backup machine can contact the cluster.

Hi @pvarley,

The backup machine is same as the node of cluster.
The firewall on the node is inactive. on first attempt it fails but second attempts it is completing successful.