'time_saved' property of Couchbase document is not set when documents are saved with sync gateway 1.5.1

I am using couchbase community version 5.0 with sync gateway community version 1.5.1

It is observed that the property ’ time_saved’ for the document is not set.
Is there any setting for this.

When sync gateway community version 1.4.1, is used it is setting this property.
Is this property no more supported ?

Is there any alternative to property ?
Or any setting at CB Bucket level or at SG level ?


In your Couchbase bucket in the value itself do you see the “_sync:{…}” element in the JSON?

I got the answer.

If sync_gateway 1.5.1 is used and the property , ‘enable_shared_bucket_access’ is set as ‘true’ in sync_gateway config file then ‘time_saved’ is not available as part of the document.
So if we want ‘time_saved’ as part of document then we need to set ‘enable_shared_bucket_access’ as false.

In case of sync_gateway 1.4.1 ‘time_saved’ is available by default.