Three multiple keys


I have a question about multiple keys.

There are view type:

function (doc, meta) {
  if (meta.type == "json" && doc.type && doc.type == "fileCouple") {
    // Check if doc is JSON
    emit([doc.file, doc.prevFile,], {
      'docId': doc.docId,
      'createdAt': doc.createdAt,
      'updatedAt': doc.updatedAt,
      'file': doc.file,
      'prevFile': doc.prevFile,
    } else {

I’m trying to run the following code:

$startKey = json_encode(["000aaa"], [], 0]);
$endKey = json_encode(["000aaa"], [], 100]);
$query = CouchbaseViewQuery::from("fileCouple", 'fileCoupleChain')->custom(["startkey" => $startKey, "endkey" => $endKey])->stale(CouchbaseViewQuery::UPDATE_BEFORE);
try {
    $res = $bucket->query($query);
    return $res->rows;
} catch (Exception $e) {
    return false;

But the request comes from the result when only three parameters are set.

How to make a request to the one required parameter. And the second optional. And to build on the result of the third parameter.

Thank you.

with view queries, you can omit parameters from right to left. It is just ranging comparing all keys from map/reduce with the query.

if you need first and third key components to be mandatory during query, you have to reorder them and make third to be second when emitting.

Thank you.
I’m going to try now.