There is a bug in ListAppendAsync

This call to ‘ExecuteAndCreateDocumentIfMissing’ uses the parameter timeout twice. First time in WithTimeout(timeout) which is a timeout for the operation and again as a parameter of the Execute function. That parameter is then used as expiration time if new document needs to be created in line 7827

That makes no sense. The global timeout for operations is 2.5 sec, when ListAppendAsync creates me a new list, I need that list to stay around for an hour. Since the single timeout parameter is used for both in the current code, my new list only stays around for 2.5 sec. And if I pass 3600, then this would also be the timeout for the operation.

Same bug appears in every call to ExecuteAndCreateDocumentIfMissing in that file.

Hi @mdomashchenko -

Thanks for reporting; here is a ticket for tracking.