There are some question using java sdk

Hi. all

I’m newbie to CB(couchbase)
currently I’m working on using Java

some questions there…
through the API I learnt about

if I know doc’s id then I can get document using

bucket.get("doc Id")

and it does work as sync

when data has inserted using following methods

bucket.insert("doc Id", JsonDocument, PersitTo/ONE)

and it is return response always. that means it work as sync

is that right? I’m hesitating before apply to our production.

From the bucket interface, all operations are synchronous. There is an async counterpart behind [bucket.async()]( gives you an API based on RxJava and Observables. That’s all in the AsyncBucket class. The docs have an intro to using this API and Observables.

So the high level answer is yes, if you’re just using the default Bucket from .openBucket(), you are doing synchronous operations. Any asynchronous operations are done with Observables.