The operation /54379 timed out after 00:00:02.5000000. It was retried 1 times using Couchbase.Core.Retry.BestEffortRetryStrategy

I have exactly the same issue with this topic Couchbase.Core.Retry.BestEffortRetryStrategy Timeout Error. I used the most latest nuget version 3.2.9 and still seeing the timeout error.

Sample error message is: The operation /54379 timed out after 00:00:02.5000000. It was retried 1 times using Couchbase.Core.Retry.BestEffortRetryStrategy.

Further to this, when timeout exception is throw, there is nothing in Couchbase dashboard that tells me how many of those. I’m referring to the below in Dashboard.

Looking at the RetryOrchestrator.cs method public async Task RetryAsync(BucketBase bucket, IOperation operation, CancellationTokenPair tokenPair = default)… One scenario that it throws the OperationCanceledException is when the tokenPair.ThrowIfCancellationRequested(); is thrown. What could be the reasons this cancellation is thrown or being stopped.

Thanks to @jmorris for the response.

A timeout can happen for any number of reasons. The fact the retry count is 1 makes me think it timed out before leaving the client.

I would enable logging and see what’s happening internally; also, create a new topic as this topic is resolved.


@jmorris Do you have links on how to apply logging? I am currently calling couchbase from a Service Fabric and I can’t find good article how to enable logging in ServiceFabric for couchbase sdk.


The SDK3 relies on Microsoft’s ILoggerFactory interface and thus supports most logging frameworks. You can check out our docs that show some examples of how to setup:

Microsoft’s docs explain how to set up Microsoft.Extensions.Logging package with Service Fabric:

I hope that helps!


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hi @biozal forgot to mention that I’m still running Service Fabric in .net full framework and no serilog too. I will check on the Log4NetLogger sample from your link.

The Microsoft logging package is just a nuget package. I’ve actually used it in Xamarin Apps before - it supports .NET Standard 2.0, 2.1, and .NET Framework 4.6.1:


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