The new release of Couchnode 0.1.0 is Fast!

This may not be the right place for this since it is not really a question but had to find some place to tell the Couchbase team ‘Great Job!’.

Just did some simple testing of the new couchnode 1.0 library and it is GREAT! We tested it before and it was slightly slower than the node-memcached library. Now it is more than TWICE the speed!

Kudos to the couchbase team for the great job! We already liked the library but now with all this additional speed (and additional functionality), we will be switching as soon as possible!

Just for information - node-memcached averaged 3.5k ops per second and couchnode averaged 8.5k ops per second. Synchronous operations. Functions tested were get, set, append, incr, and decr.

Thanks again!

Thanks for sharing!

Good for you. As for me it’s not working at all, breaking api changes with absolutly no documentation. “Great” work.

There were two minor changes that I made before my previous test code would work. The main one was the change from connect to Connection as seen in their test code (see the tests/harness.js file for an example). I also changed the hosts parameter in my config file to host since the former was deprecated.

Since it had not been officially released before, I had expected there to be some changes.

And to be fair to the team working on this, I saw the activity on this module and could not wait until they finished it before I tried it. They are still completing the documentation and other little issues. So maybe I jumped the gun by posting this but it was pretty cool to see the speed increase they achieved.

Hope these changes work for you as well.

I know that node sdk is in beta or even alpha and what it means… But when I tried to move to new lib they didn’t fix windows “debug” mode, so I need to put a lot of "console.log"s to understand what’s happening :). Also there were no “obsolte” warnings in previous versions of lib in functions that disappear in new release. Only yesterday in the evening I finally noticed that developers pushed some fixes for that “debug” bug to githu. And I’ve completly move my dev environment to linux, so I hope that I get my app working with new lib.

Sorry for the trouble SkeLLLa. We did send a note out to the nodejs mailing list that did talk about the API changes and crossposted it to the list. Since it’s not a 1.0 release yet, there aren’t proper release notes yet.

There are API docs though, which we posted to as well. These are all new and quite good, in my opinion. My opinion doesn’t matter though, so let me know what you think! See:

Really good to hear! Thx for posting.


Thanks for this feedback and kudos to the Couchbase Node.js developers!