Testcontainers Community Survey

Hi! Here at Couchbase we use Testcontainers in many of our integration tests. Our friends at AtomicJar, the makers of Testcontainers, are conducting a community survey. If you use Testcontainers in your workflow, they’d love your input.

Here’s the survey announcement from Anna Chernyshova, Community Success Engineer at AtomicJar:

Hi folks! We at AtomicJar are all in to make your Testcontainers experience even better and smoother. So, we’ve got a tiny favor to ask. :pray:

Could you spare just 5 mins to fill out this community survey to help us understand how you develop, test, and ship applications and what is the role of Testcontainers in these processes? Testcontainers Community Survey 2023

Please feel free to share the survey with your team/community as well!
We will report all the results later and hopefully we will learn from each other!
Thanks for the help! You’re the best.