Terraform provider for Couchbase Capella

Good day.
I have a few questions according using TF module with capella.

  1. Does anyone support this module? Last update was last year

  2. when I tried to use access key and secret key in TF like
    terraform {
    required_providers {
    couchbasecapella = {
    source = “couchbasecloud/couchbasecapella”
    version = “0.2.2”
    provider “couchbasecapella” {

    access_key = “MY_ACCESS_KEY”

    secret_key = “MY_SECRET_KEY”


I received an error:
Please verify the validity of your Access key and Secret key

When I use the same values with env variables -everything is OK

  1. I want to create DB. According documentation I need to provide
cloud_id   = "your_cloud_id"

what is it? I’m using Azure: I tried to use my TenantID, SubscriptionID, accountID. WHAT IS CLOUD_ID???

And I didn’t find info about vpc_cluster and hosted_cluster.
VPC_cluster- cluster in my own cloud and I need to pay for virtual machines to cloud provider AND for couchbase licence to couchbase team, am I right? or what?

does anyone use terraform?

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