TemporaryFailure with node auto-failovered

We saw TemporaryFailure when we had a failed over node at 8:10am. The node recovered and we rebalanced it back in starting at 8:55am.

I would expect to see this while a node failover has not yet been detected. We, however, continued to see this during our outage, even after auto-failover occurred.

We had errors starting at 8:10am, which syncs up with the failover detection (auto-failover also at 8:10) and these continued until 8:56am, which is right around the time the rebalance was initiated.

Hi @unhuman -

TemporaryFailure is returned by Couchbase Server itself - the SDK just returns it back to the caller. There are a number of reasons why the server may return a TEMP_FAIL - from resource constraints to when the Memcached process is warming up. In your case its probably related to why the node failed over. You’ll probably want to probe the server logs and/or re-ask on the Couchbase Server category.


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