Tables in Couchbase Mobile

We want to leverage the capabilities of Couchbase Mobile in implementation of IOT application we are building. We plan to use the ReST API for our purposes as we will be running the application on RPi like device.
One concept we are unable to understand is- there do not seem to be any tables or collections to group different documents(eg: users, products etc).
Could you please help us understand how do we go about designing and implementing models so that the documents we store in the database are grouped appropriately?

Data Modeling

Depending on your release schedule (and tolerance for being on the bleeding edge) you may want to consider LiteCore, which is the new cross-platform engine for Couchbase Lite 2.0. It builds natively for Linux (I don’t think we’ve tried Raspbian but it does build on its cousin Ubuntu), and it has a C API. We don’t have an official completion date yet aside from “later this year”.

As for document design: you can identify different types of documents using either a special property or a docID naming convention. The most common technique is to have a "type" property whose value is a string that identifies the type of document, akin to a table name. The database itself doesn’t care how you do this; it’s just to help you design queries that can target certain document types.