Syncgateway in kubernetes stuck at start

Hi All,

Sync gateway when starting is getting stuck and showing following logs:

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z ==== Couchbase Sync Gateway/2.5.0(271;bf3ddf6) EE ====

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] Logging: Console to stderr

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] Logging: Files disabled

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [ERR] No log_file_path property specified in config, and --defaultLogFilePath command line flag was not set. Log files required for product support are not being generated.

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [WRN] Using deprecated config option: “log”. Use “logging.console.log_keys” instead. – rest.(*ServerConfig).deprecatedConfigLoggingFallback.func5() at config.go:674

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] Logging: Console level: info

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] Logging: Console keys: [HTTP HTTP+ Replicate]

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] Logging: Redaction level: none

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] requestedSoftFDLimit < currentSoftFdLimit (50000 < 1048576) no action needed

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] Logging stats with frequency: 1m0s

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] Opening db /bucketname as bucket “bucketname”, pool “default”, server http://URL8091

2019-10-02T02:24:53.151Z [INF] GoCBCustomSGTranscoder Opening Couchbase database bucketname on http://URL:8091 as user “bucketname”

2019-10-02T02:24:54.158Z [INF] Successfully opened bucket bucketname

2019-10-02T02:24:54.158Z [INF] Set query timeouts for bucket bucketname to cluster:1m15s, bucket:1m15s

The user is admin so no issue in that. Can it be connectivity issue. 2 pods are able to be up after several restart but this one doesnt even after 10+ Restart.

Can anybody have found the same issue?

CBS :6.0
SG: 2.5.0 EE

Pankaj Sharma

Except for the missing log path, there are no errors in the log that you posted so not sure what to say. You should probably dump out the kubectl pod container logs to see what’s going on …

It was couchbase and syncgateway connectivity issue. Resolved after network got corrected.

Thanks Priya.

Cool. Curious - what K8s environment are you deploying this on ? Managed or unmanaged?