Sync Gateway to Windows Operating System

Hey I’m trying to use your -
Couchbase Lite App and server solution together with the sync gateway. The App is running “perfect” and the server seems to do the same on my Windows machine. The question is if there is any opportunity to run Sync gateway on a Windows machine, and if yes How:)?


We don’t have an official Windows build of Sync Gateway yet, but you can build it yourself. Our build instructions show Unix shell commands, but you can easily translate them to DOS syntax:

Thanks for the quick answer! Hope that it’s ok, that I asked some questions if I’m stuck converting(buildning) a sync gateway to Windows.

For anyone coming across this old thread, the Windows builds are now officially available from

I am trying to build sync_gateway on Windows, but this link does not work anymore ( Are there any recent windows build instructions anywhere?

The README in the Github repo has build instructions.