Sync Gateway _resync does not stop

We have a Couchbase bucket with about 750k documents. I updated the sync function and ran _resync on Sync Gateway. It showed that it processed twice as many documents so I stopped it and restarted Sync Gateway and ran _resync again. This time I let it run and after 24hrs it had processed 130175000 documents!!! The bucket has eventing functions which I made sure to undeploy before running _resync.

Couchbase Server EE version 7.1.2 through aws: AWS Marketplace: Couchbase Server

Sync Gateway EE version 3.0.4 through aws: AWS Marketplace: Couchbase Sync Gateway

Any pointers on what could be happening?


This sounds like issue Loading..., which is fixed in SG version 3.0.9.

Thank you @adamf for your suggestion. I upgraded SG to version 3.0.9 but am still seeing this issue. I didn’t quite run it for 24hrs like before but did let the _resync go a couple minutes past 740k documents that we have but it did not stop, so had to be stopped manually.

Anything else that I can try?