Sync-gateway - Pull Issue

Currently attempting to run Grocery Sync app with Couchbase lite version 1.4, Sync-gateway version 2.0 and server version 5.0.1. When I push the data, everything goes fine and is successfully uploaded to my bucket. When a document is added to the bucket through the REST api, nothing is pulled down by the app. The weird thing that is happening is that if I restart the sync-gateway, all of the new documents that were uploaded are pulled by the mobile client.

Here is my config file:


“log”: ["*"],
“interface”: “:4984”,
“adminInterface”: “:4985”,

"databases": {
	"grocery-sync": {
		 "import_docs": "continuous",
		"server": "http://localhost:8091",
		"username": "todo",
		"password": "password",
		"bucket": "grocery-sync",
		"users": {
			"GUEST": {
				"disabled": false, "admin_channels": ["*"]


Use the tool in the forum to see how long your _changes feed time and how its processing it.